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Falling Out Of Love – What To Do


In some marriages, this is what happens. The couple becomes so familiar with each other and grows very close over the years that they sometimes forget to treat one another with utmost respect. The husband will progress from white lies to compulsively lying. Nagging and shouting even at the littlest of things – this becomes the wife. With their “too familiar” behavior, the couple will then begin to hate each other and can fall out of love.

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Relationship Counseling

He Cheated On Me, I Cheated On Him, Is There Still A Chance?

This is very heartbreaking. You are in a relationship with the love of your life. You thought that everything will be smooth sailing. You never expected to have this fiasco of betrayal and lies, but it still happened. He cheated on you. So to get even with you, you also cheated on him. Is there a chance to salvage your almost fairy tale relationship?

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Relationship Counseling

How to Keep the Fire of the Relationship Burning

There will be times when a couple would feel that being in that relationship is just for compliance or for being in the safe zone. The butterflies in their stomachs when seeing each other are no longer there. This can particularly be true with relationships that have been going on for quite some time now.

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