Mental Health & Self-Help

2015 Cincinnati Counseling Workshop: Mental Health Discussion Topics


A counseling program or workshop aims to shed light on issues related to mental health. It is somewhat dissimilar to a therapy group as it intends to cover new information, giving regular home activities encouraging self- probe and discovery. During the 2015 Cincinnati Counseling Workshop, the goal of spreading awareness to those who were particularly interested in the topic was achieved.


Among The Mental Health Topics Covered Were:


Stress Management

Stress management teaches methods to help people manage stress by identifying and dealing with stressors. It aims to diminish negative effects by promoting positive actions.


Time Management

Time management aids in acquiring knowledge about effective planning and managing of time. It aims to emphasize the importance of time management to productivity and success.


Decision Making Skills Development

Decision making is critical in life as it mainly affects the lifestyle, perspective, and behavior of an individual. It emphasizes the importance of making the right choices in having a bright and prosperous future.


Self-Esteem Enhancement

Self-esteem determines an individual’s self-assessment and self-worth. It aims to emphasize that more often, people treat us based on our concept of ourselves. Therefore, to encourage respect from others, it must start with self-respect.


Relationship Issues

This topic is about creating healthy relationships to achieve mental wellness. Our relationship with the people around us directly affects how we function that’s why it is critical to learning how to deal with conflicts and cultivate connections.


Substance Addiction

Addiction is the most prevalent issue hindering us, especially the youth, from achieving success in life. This topic aims to share awareness on prevention, recovery, and effects of substance addiction.


A counseling program or workshop is an effective campaign in promoting mental health wellness. It also emphasizes the importance of counseling in addressing different issues affecting an individual’s thoughts and behavior. A counseling workshop aims to discuss the significance of counselors’ role in overcoming mental health issues and achieving overall health.